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Gi Joe of the week

Oh Baroness, lethal goddess of Cobra.  There is no doubt that Baroness harbors some secrets that we still don't know but she will always be my favorite female Joe. Maybe it was the glasses or the black leather but i felt that Baroness could infiltrate and destroy any organization if that moron Destro hadn't held her back. 


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Star Wars Figure of the week


 Leia Organa in her Endor Poncho!

The star wars charachters that came with cloth accessories always fascinated me because I was use to the vinyl capes of the late 70's. Not only did Leia come with the poncho but she also had a removable belt and helmet as well as her blaster. Leia owns my 7 year old heart no matter what she's wearing but the Endor poncho Leia was one of my favorites.


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